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Yard Halloween Decorations: Become the Envy of your neighbours

There is a huge focus on Halloween yard decorations this year. Many neighborhoods are hosting yard contests and competing for fun and prizes. Halloween trick-or- treaters are voting for the best house on the block and that home wins bragging rights and placement of the trophy on their mantel for the entire year. With so much competition Halloween yard decorating is getting serious. From surprising window decorations, special glow in the dark window clings, lights, motion activated decorations, tree hangers and yard blow ups, Halloween is getting sophisticated.

Surprising Window Decorations

Whether they are zombie, monster, vampire or cute ghost eyes, eye balls are watching you from just about everywhere this year. Eyeball window decorations come in a variety of formats. The simplest format is glow in the dark window clings. These simply peel off and stick on. Place them in a sunny window and they will glow all night long in delight of all the little goblins out there.

Eyes also come as lights themselves. These lights come on a string and can be placed across or around your window. String lights are fun because they not only add ambiance at night but look great around the window during the day. String lights come in all Halloween themes such as skulls, witches, cats, ghosts, bats and of course pumpkins.

Decorating Trees and Shrubs

Often times great places to decorate are your shrubs and trees. Don't overlook these great places to surprise your trick-or-treaters or just downright scare them if you must. Bring your favorite tree to life with a motion sensored talking tree decoration. Use the pre-recorded Halloween messages or record your own screams and welcome your guests to your home. This decoration is activated by motion with light up eyes and a moving mouth this will surely surprise anyone passing by.

Once you have your guests on edge by the talking tree let their imaginations run wild as they pass your shrubs and they begin to growl, shake and reveal the eyes of the monster hiding inside. They may never make it to your door.

If they are brave enough to continue to your door have the motion activated spider drop down from above your trees to greet them. This spider drops down to say Happy Halloween and then retreats back up into its web up in the tree.

Air blown inflatables

An extremely popular Halloween yard decoration this year is the Halloween Inflatable. Inflatables come in variety of themes from scary to funny, cars to arches, large to small you can find it all. Some of the most popular are animated and truly come to life. Many come with lights, music and are motion sensitive. The inflatables are the biggest splash of Halloween for the least amount of time. Plug them in and you surely can say you have decorated for Halloween.

Whether you choose a surprising window decoration, decorate your shrubs and trees or decide upon a Halloween inflatable you will be sure to delight your neighborhood. Many homes are using all three types of decoration to truly show their Halloween spirit and Halloween theme in many forms. Have a happy Halloween and a great time decorating your yard.

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