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Make a Ghost Costume

Ghosts are a Halloween classic. The classic ghost is a floating blanket, but over the last few years there has been an explosion in the ghost ethnicity field. Here are three different ghost costume ideas for this Halloween.

The Classic Ghost
The classic ghost costume is perhaps one of the easiest to make - all you need is a blanket or some other piece of large white fabric. Cut holes for the eyes and that?s it!

But I?m sure you want to add some personality. Tore apart the blanket in some places. Wear white gloves and shoes, and paint your face white. White colored eye lenses will do a wonderful job too.

The Scary Ghost
The scary ghost comes from the death and it still looks like a person. It is sort of a cross between a zombie and a classic ghost.

For this look you will also need a large white or light gray blanket, but instead of throwing it over your head wrap it around yourself and make a large hood to cover your head. Beneath this cape and hood combo wear old torn clothes, sprinkled with flour to simulate dust.

Now paint your face and exposed body parts a light gray or white and your eyes dark. If you want, add accessories that tell us something about who that person was in a past life: some old jewelry, lace, white hair, and an old picture work wonders.

The Comic Ghost
A final idea for a ghost costume is the comic ghost. This is the friendly, all pranks, all jokes ghost. You just take the costume of a scary ghost or traditional ghost and add some accessories: a top hat, a walking stick, a pumpkin, accessories from a clown... Your imagination is the limit here.

Although the classic is always a classic, don?t think you have to dress as the traditional ghost this Halloween. And if you do want to go with that look, remember to add some personality to it.

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