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Make a Flower Costume

Flower costumes are not very common but they look adorable in infants. If you have a little kid why not dress him or her as a flower for this Halloween? Here are a few ideas on how you can make that happen.

The flower itself is what makes the costume - a sort of crown around your face. It is really easy to make: all you need is card stock in the color you want your flower to be and an elastic band to place around your face.

Cut flower petals from the card stock and glue them to the band, then place the band around your head. It works best if you have many long petals (use several layers or they will look like a wilted flower), or large petals with a wide base (in which case one layer will suffice).

Now time for the green. Wear green clothes with a green hood. Those old whole body pijamas work great for this, you just have to paint them green. Remember to wear green shoes or create a shoe cover in that color.

Your arms can also be converted into leaves. If you are making this for an infant you can cut the leaves using card stock and just sow them to the back, on the shoulder blades. For someone with longer arms leaves won?t really be practical thou.

The flowers are simple and don?t need accessories. If you want you can paint some flowers or leaves on your face. Another idea is to carry around a watering can, or some shears. I?ve also seen some flower costumes where instead of an all-body plant, from the waist down it is a pot. They look really good in an adult.

Flowers are not very popular costumes, but there is no reason why. You can get completely different costumes by changing the petals and using accessories, and since this isn?t a popular costume you will almost certainly be the only flower in the party. Why not give it a try?

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