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Make a Fairy Costume

Fairies are for girls like ninjas are for boys. Which girl never dreamed about dressing as a fairy for Halloween (or better yet, being a fairy). This season you can make that dream com true.

Making the Wings

What is a fairy without its wings? The wings spark little girls? imagination all around the globe and the best way to go is to buy ready made wings, which are really easy to find. It is possible to make wings using card board, or fabric, and wires, but it is either dangerous or ugly, so buying this part of the costume is really worth the investment.

However, you need to select your wings. Generally you have two options: pixie wings (which look like locust wings) and high fairy wings (butterfly wings). To make your costume pop you need to make sure you keep the theme in your dress and accessories, so select carefully.

Making the Dress

We will consider two types of fairies: the pixie and the high fairy.

The pixie is the devilish little fairy, that enjoys nothing more than a good joke and games. Think Tinkerbell. They wear simple and short dresses, which you can make yourself by cutting a simple piece of fabric. The skirt should not have a straight line - either diagonal or torn. Try to make the dress the same color as the wings. And remember to go creative with the shoes: pompoms, leaves, stars...

The high fairy is the nobility of the fairies. The dress is a simple princess dress, using white or light fabric, a long wide skirt, gloves, and delicate shoes. Dress yourself or your girl as if going to a ball.

Accessories to Consider

For the pixie, little toys and trinkets are great. Consider a simple headband, some nature shaped jewelery, flowers, pieces from old gadgets from around the house. The pixie is also the perfect fairy to use antennae, usually used in insect and alien costumes, and strong and bold face and body paint.

The high fairy is royalty, so a crown or tiara goes a long way. They are also the fairies with complicated jewelry, a wand, complicated patterns on their face with light colors and lots of sparkly sprinkles.

If your girl (or you) want to go as a fairy this Halloween don?t let the costume prices scare you. For a fraction of the price you can create a custom fairy look and have fun in the process.

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