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Making a Princess Costume

If you aren?t a girl you can?t possible understand the fascination with princesses. If you are you don?t need explaining. So there is no point in trying to explain why girls want to dress as princesses for Halloween. Lets just look at how you can create this look.

Making the dress
A princess? dress is like a bride?s dress. You need to make it pop. It doesn?t need to be too complicated, it doesn?t need to be simple, but since Disney came into the scene it does need to be pink and with a wide skirt.

If you don?t have experience making clothes creating a princess dress may not be the best place to start and it is highly unlikely you have one laying around (though dresses from weddings or the vows sometimes look great), so you may want to buy this part of the costume.

Crown or Tiara
What is a princess without a tiara or a crown? Maybe a dutchess, but that?s not what every girl dreams about being, so don?t make your girl one.

To make a crown or a tiara you only need some card stock. Then you can decorate it using fake jewelry and it will look great. Alternatively you can buy one already made. Unless you already have fantasy jewelry you can use to create your own maybe that is less expensive.

A princess usually has other jewelry. Make sure it matches the tiara or crown you made for your girl (don?t put a silver bracelet with a gold tiara), but if she is going trick or treating you may not want to use real jewelry.

A popular accessory is the Disney Princess necklace which is just a black band with a diamond or other jewelry in the center. You can create your own using black fabric. Google Disney Princess and you will see what I?m talking about.

This Halloween turning your girl into a princess does not require a fairy godmother. It just requires a caring parent, some patient, and lots of creativity.

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