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How to come up with Halloween game ideas?

Throwing parties for kids, Halloween or not, nothing is more vital than having a bunch of activities and games planned. Unlike adults, kids will not be happy with just food and small talk - you have to give them something to do.

But how do you come up with Halloween game ideas for you party?

And you need to plan a reasonable number of them, because kids are easily bored. Keeping in mind that Halloween happens in the Fall and you never know, remember to have most of them being indoor or a llight rain may ruin the party.

The first activities you want to plan for are the classics. I?m old fashioned and in my opinion no Halloween party is complete without a scary story and trick-or-treating. Watching horror movies may be a substitute for older kids, or visiting haunted places, carving jack-o?-lanterns, and, if you have the place, a bonfire. Halloween just isn?t Halloween without some, or all, of these.

Another classic is the party prank. Be careful though - adolescents will find this lame. But if you are planning a party for younger kids (not too young though) plan a prank sometime in the party to get them scared.

How about some fresh ideas? How do you come up with new games to play on Halloween?

The key for coming up with new game ideas for Halloween or other themed parties is taking the old children games and add them a twist to make them fit the theme. You can do this by changing the decoration, the pace, adding scenes from movies, adding music, or any twist you can come up with.

I will give you an example to get your imagination going.

Take an obstacle course game. In a traditional obstacle course you throw in some obstacles and have the kids run around (or over or under) them. You need a large space, and these games always work best if you arrange the obstacles as a labyrinth and play music in the background. A treasure at the end is also a good idea, for the first kid to get there to feast on, as well as some puzzles along the way for the smart but slow kid to get an opportunity.

So now let?s turn this into a Halloween game. What if the obstacles are coffins which they have to go around, witches? broomsticks to jump over, a small haunted tunnel with bats to crawl through... Take inspiration from horror movies - you can include mummies, zombies, tombs, toy knives. The music in the background should be spooky, maybe with a few screams every now and then, and a good treasure would be hidden inside a coffin at the end, filled with pumpkin treats, apples, or dark red candy.

What games can you come up with using this strategy? Think about how you can take hide-and-seek, treasure hunts, musical chairs, karaoke, or races and turn them into complete Halloween activities - you?ll even have fun in the process.

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Halloween Classic Games

The true origin of Halloween is unknown. Some people say it comes from the Roman feast to the death, Parentalia, others that it derives from the Celtic festival Samhain, a harvest festival. The only thing we know for sure, is that the name comes from All Hallows Evening and that it?s most important symbol, the pumpkin, was really a turnip at the beginning.

Halloween?s rich history is reflected in many of the games and activities we now consider classics. These are things every Halloween party must have, so you better plan for them.

Trick-or-Treating. Outside of the English-speaking countries this is what Halloween is know for. It is a game kids love, just remember to assign an adult to take them trick-or-treating because kids, candy, and dark and busy roads are not a good combination.

Jack-o?-Lanterns. Whether you are carving these for decoration days ahead or as an activity on the day of the party, jack-o?-lanterns are the classic symbol of Halloween. And if you are curious about that turnip thing, it turns out that jack-o?-lanterns were turnips carved to remember the souls in purgatory which became pumpkins in America where the orange fruit is native from and turnips were rarer.

Costume parties. Remember that these are not just for kids! Although in theory you can impose a sub theme such as witches or zombies, this is the only time of the year adults are allowed to live their fantasies, so most parties don?t have a theme. You have to pick your poison when throwing yours.

Apple bobbing. I also think this is not just for children, even if Wikipedia disagrees. Plus, bobbing for apples is much healthier than trick-or-treating, although I guess the latter could count as exercise.

Loving the scary. The imagery of Halloween revolves around death, evil, and the occult, and horror combines all these. The classic is scary stories, but a modern alternative would be watching horror movies, and visiting haunted attractions or horror theme parks.

The Prank. The prank is the high point of any Halloween. Some people plan pranks for their co-workers, their family, and their friends, others just get them together on a party and plan a huge prank. Halloween is like an improved April?s Day where you can go all out. Take advantage of that.

Bonfire. Back in the old days, bonfires were all the rage in Europe. They were used for purification rituals (by jumping over the fire you were burning negativity), fertility (by removing impurities you were open for procreation), death (you are jumping over a barrier, crossing the line to the other side), and whatnot. Whether or not they still have all those powers, they undoubtedly have the power of being hilarious, so if you have a yard where you can light a bonfire don?t think twice.

The Fun. OK, this may be obvious, but don?t forget to have fun. I know a lot of stress bees who never rest, not even on Halloween or Christmas. Come on - life is not just about being serious and working, it is also about fun and enjoyment. I?m sure you can stop even for a few minutes to relax and do a prank or two!

Safety. This is the last on my list, but only because people tend to jump to the end. Security should be your first priority - fireworks, kids high on candy, adults high on god knows what, pranks, bonfires... They can all be a disaster waiting to happen if you are not careful. So don?t ruin Halloween - make safety your number one priority.

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Three Surefire Scary Halloween Games That Everyone Will Love

Looking to add a little scary to your Halloween party this year? We have been searching under every pumpkin and asking every skeleton that we have seen about their favorite scary Halloween games. There were three games that kept jumping out at us and if you add them to your Halloween party agenda they will surely be the cause a few screams.

Slimy Eyeball Hunt

Make sure that your guests are not using their eyeballs by blindfolding them. Have each guest reach into a pumpkin and on your prompt starting fishing for eyeballs. Plug your ears and get ready for some screams because this feels gross. Make sure to mention that they are digging through brains to hunt for these eyeballs. Once they have found an eyeball have them place it in a bowl next to the pumpkin. The guest that has found the most eyeballs when time is called is the winner.

This game can be played one player at a time or three players at a time as a race. If playing with three it is fun to have each pumpkin filled with different textures of smashed brain.

Supplies/Set Up

1 - 3 small/medium cleaned pumpkins
Fill each pumpkin with:
Eyeballs - peeled grapes/olives
Brains - cold spaghetti, cold rice or cold oatmeal

Dearly Departed Guest

Set up this game by telling a story about your dearly departed friend that had just one wish before he passed away - to meet the guests at your Halloween party. And being the good friend that you are, you agreed to let him shake the hands of all your guests. The only problem is that was years and ago and well, all you have left of him are a few body parts. Beg your guests to help you keep your word as you pass around your dear old friend. Have guests guess at what body part they are touching as the paper bags are passed around the room. This game is made even grosser if you talk about your friend while the bags are passed ? My friend was so smart, he was a rocket scientist (while passing around the brains), He never wore glasses, he had perfect vision (while passing around the eyeballs), He rarely got the stomach flu (while passing around the intestines), He was such a daredevil, he did break a few bones during his life (while passing around the bones), He loved the sun and never used sunscreen and lotion no matter how much I warned him (while passing around the skin). Have fun with this game. You will know what to say to gross out your guests.

Supplies/Set Up

Paper bags filled with plastic liners such as a baggie
Wet clothes to wipe hands on
Body parts:
Smashed Brains - mashed bananas
Eyeballs ? olives or peeled grapes
Soft bones ? Pretzel sticks soaked in water to soften the outside but the inside is still crunchy
Cooked Spaghetti ? Intestines
Skin ? Dried peels from fruit such as lemons, limes and oranges

Pie Full of Worms

Have guests dig worms out of a pie using only their mouths. The guest with the most worms from the pie wins.

Supplies/Set Up

Pie tins
Whipped topping
Gummy worms

Now we are sure you can see why these scary Halloween games jumped out at us. Whether you are going to have your guests fish through brains for eyeballs, pull worms from pies or have them ?shake hands? with your dear friend there are sure to be screams coming from your Halloween party this year.

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Kids Halloween Games: Scary But Not Too Scary

Many people are throwing Halloween parties for children this year. One common dilemma many party planners have is how to make a party fun and a little scary for preschoolers or grade school age children. At these critical ages it is important to not go overboard with the scary factor. However, it is fun to have a Halloween theme for your party and we think we have found some games that will follow right along with any Halloween theme.

So whether you have preschool, grade school or a mixture of both ages attending your party these games are perfect for you. We have done extensive research and come up with these top 5 party games that can be adapted for either preschool, grade school or used for both. All games have been tested and proved to be perfect for Halloween parties at these ages. So relax, keep it simple and enjoy these games right along with the kids.

Don?t Drop the Eyeball

Supplies needed:
1 plastic eyeball - bought from party store
1 small basket for preschool children
1 spoon for grade school children
Note: If playing as a relay race you will need one of each above per team.

Prepare and Play

Separate the children into even numbered teams. Give each team a plastic eyeball.

Each team will have either a small basket or a spoon depending on their abilities. If ages are mixed; each team will have both and each player uses their appropriate carrier when it is their turn.

Make a trail (obstacle course) that each person is to carry their eyeball through. Each child goes to the end of the trail and back. The eyeball is then handed to the next player on their team and that player continues on the trail Repeat until all players have made the trail up and back. The first team to have all players back in line wins.


If supplies or room is limited: Have each player carry the eyeball through the trail (obstacle course). Time each player and the fastest time wins.

Spin the Spider?s Web

Supplies needed:
Ball of black yarn or any sparkly fun color. You decide what works for your theme.
Prepare and Play

Have players stand in a circle. The first player is given the ball of yarn. They then call out the name of another player and thrown the ball of yarn to them. Spinning of the web has begun at this point. The second player then calls out the name of another and throws the ball of yarn to them. There are no rules but the web looks better if yarn is thrown across the circle.

Once the web is complete, stand on a chair and take a picture. Have all the little spiders look up and smile. This is a fun picture to share for scrap booking later.

For preschoolers think about using thicker yarns; rope works well too.

For grade school aged children it is fun to have them go fast. A black yarn with sparkle looks super awesome when done.

Don?t Step on the Spider


Prepare and Play

Separate the children into even numbered teams.

Set up a course for each team to race.

Each team player will walk the course spider style. Have them sit down with their back facing the direction they are to go and put their arms behind them. They will walk backwards, using their legs and hands. This is also known as crab walking. The first team to have everyone walk spider style through the course and back wins.

Witch's Brew Bubbles

Supplies needed:

At least 2 black balloons for each child
Enough prizes for each balloon to have one prize inside

Prepare and Play

Add the prize inside each balloon before you blow it up.
Tie the balloon.

Prize Ideas: small candy, plastic rings, stickers, bouncy balls, etc.

Tell the children that you caught bubbles in a bag from a special witches brew and saved them just for this party. One their turn, have each child come up grab a balloon and pop it by sitting on it, stomping on it, etc. to get to the prize inside.

Halloween Freeze

Halloween theme music

Prepare and Play

Children dance to the music. Once you turn off the music they are to freeze. If they continue to move they are out of the dance party and need to sit down. Continue to play music until there is one player standing.

This game is a great one to get fun video or pictures from.

Playing these games at your Halloween party can?t go wrong. After all they have been tested and work great for both preschool and grade school age children. We have also noticed many parents and teen playing along. So get in there and have a memorable Halloween party.

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Last Minute Halloween Party Games On Any Budget

Guest list completed? Check. Invitations have been sent? Check. Halloween theme decided? Check. Food planned? Check. Games ready to go? Games?? I forgot the games!!

Don?t panic. We have you covered with these fun and easy to prepare games for your children?s Halloween party. These games are proven Halloween party favorites and they won?t break the bank to set up either. Turn on the music and let?s get the party started.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Use cut outs of Halloween symbols to write the clues for your Halloween Scavenger Hunt. For this frightful Halloween scavenger hunt leave clues with one Halloween symbol to guide the players to the next Halloween symbol. The last symbol should include a pumpkin or a witch?s pot filled with candy or prizes of some kind. You could even have a spooktacular pi?ata at the end of this frightful hunt.

Supplies Needed:

? Several cut outs of Halloween symbols. You can draw your own or search on line and print.
? Imagination ? come up with several clues to help your little hunters find the next Halloween symbol and clue. (Example of a clue: Go where you like to swing; don't be afraid if you find a black wing.) Place - swing set Symbol - black bat
? Plastic pumpkin or witches pot to place the prizes in. or a Halloween pi?ata.
? Prizes for all hunters -candy or small toys.

Attach the Head to the Skeleton

This is a re-mix of pin the tail on the donkey. Draw your own skeleton or pick up a cheap paper one used for wall decorations from a store. Remove the head and tape or tack the body to the wall. Make photo copies of the head; one for each player. Have each player write their name on their skeleton head. OR if you have the time take a photo of each player and print the pictures enlarged on your printer. Cut around the head and have each player try and pin their own head on the skeleton.

For each players turn - Blind fold the player, spin them around five times and face them toward the skeleton. Let them go with their head in their hand and have them attach it on the skeleton where they think the head belongs. This game brings out the funny bone in all party goers.

Supplies Needed

? Paper Halloween skeleton ? Draw your own or buy from a store
? Tape or tacks
? Pen
? Copies of skeleton head or head of game players
? Blind Fold
? Prizes for winners

Pumpkin Golf

Carve a large mouth into a pumpkin. Each player gets 3 tries to roll plastic eyeballs into the mouth of the pumpkin using a broom. You decide how far each player will stand from the pumpkin depending on their age and skill level. Prizes can be awarded for most eyeballs in the pumpkin, fewest broom hits to the pumpkin, etc. This game is fun for adults too.

Supplies Needed:

? Large pumpkin and carving utensil
? Plastic eyeballs found in craft or party stores ? at least 3
? Broom
? Prizes

Whether you forgot about the games altogether or are just looking to add a few more to make your party perfect these proven Halloween games are sure to be a hit. Each game is so easy to set up and play that it works to even add them at the last minute. Happy Halloween!

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