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Halloween Party Ideas Block Party

As summer begins to slip away into autumn many of America?s neighborhoods are beginning to realize that the summer block party that has been rescheduled twice already is just not going to happen before schools starts. Are they canceling the chance for neighbors to build new friendships and strengthen their own community? No way! America is turning the summer block party into a Halloween block party.

Halloween block parties are becoming a tradition in many American towns and cities. The summer months can be difficult to plan activities with larger numbers of people; with summer vacations and activities getting in the way. Many communities are taking the approach of relaxing over the summer and planning that neighborhood party around Halloween.

There are a variety of themes for a Halloween block party. Get together with your neighbors and find one that suits your own community. It is a good idea to keep all ages groups in mind while picking a theme. Also realize that some neighbors may be more likely to participate in a Harvest type party rather than a Halloween party for religious beliefs. Sometimes it is all in the wording. So try not to leave anyone out while planning your block party. Below are some ideas that have worked well for many communities across America.

Trunk or Treat

For communities that really don?t have blocks but acres in between them trunk or treat is a fabulous idea. First of all, the community agrees upon a place and time to meet. Usually this occurs in a parking lot, a park or a school yard - this really depends on what your community has available. Each family decorates their vehicle and passes out goodies and candy from the trunk of their car. Most parties include costumes and games.

Haunted House

The haunted house theme is great for a community that loves to get involved and have some fun with their homes. Besides decorating their yards, porches and houses many families incorporate Halloween music and scary lighting such as strobe lights or colored lights. Another fun option is a fog machine. Some homes have included a warning on the lawn so that little ones do not get too scared. At the end of the night it is fun to have a vote and prizes for the scariest, grossest or even the most beautiful haunted house.

Halloween garage Party

Why not keep the party at one location. It may be easier for your neighborhood to stay at one location if there are many elderly or small children. If that is the case then don?t give up on celebrating. Use the garage of one neighborhood home and have everybody participate by donating or loaning Halloween decorations. Decorating the garage and getting it ready for the party is a great way for older children and teens to get to know each other. Adults can participate by bringing food for a potluck. Halloween is a great time to have a chili cooking contest or a corn bread bake off. Add some scary music and lighting and along with a few games and prizes and you have just started a neighborhood tradition for years to come.

Whether you live in the country, city or by the sea pick one of the themes we have shared or find a theme that fits perfect for your neighborhood community. You can never go wrong by striking up new friendships and rekindling the old ones. Happy Halloween America!

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Halloween Party Invitations

The stage for every party is set the exact minute each guest receives their invitation. And a Halloween party is no exception. Your theme and the time and thought that you put into your invitation will definitely be noticed by your guests. A well planned and thought out Halloween Party Invitation will have your guests counting down the time until your party begins.

The first step in sending a spooktacular Halloween Party Invitation is to check out your guest list. Make an effort to have your invitations be appropriate for your guests. Take a hard look at your guest list. Who makes up the majority of this list?

Elder mature adults
All girls
All boys
Boys and girls

There are countless ways to evaluate your guest list. The main point here is that you have honestly looked at it your guest list and made the decision that these are the people that will enjoy the type of Halloween party that you are hosting. For example, a Horror Film themed party with movies and scary food and costumes will not be appropriate for a children?s party. In the same sense, a children?s cartoon theme will not draw many party goers for those over the age of 5. Match your invitation to your guest list and count the yes RSVP?s as they come in.

Once the guest list has been defined you are ready to decide on a theme. Remember that your invitation will be your guests? first peak into your party and should reflect your theme appropriately. Take some time and brainstorm a theme that will work well for the guest list that you have created. If you are having trouble with creativity, get ideas flowing from books, magazines or the internet. There are literally thousands of ideas out there. Pick a theme you can have fun with and run it through your entire Halloween party ? starting of course with your invitation.

Great job, your guest list has been defined and your Halloween theme has been carefully chosen. Now you will decide what format to send your Halloween party invitations in. Thanks to technology there are many different ways to send your Halloween party invitations to your guests. Traditional mail, email, and social networking sites to mention a few - You could even hand deliver your invitations in a costume. However involved you decide to be in the delivery of your Halloween party invitation, make sure that you are considering your guest list and choosing a delivery that each guest can easily receive.

The information to be included in your Halloween party invitation is the same if you are sending a hard copy Halloween party invitation or an electronic Halloween party invitation.

Your Halloween party invitation should include:

Date of the party including the year
Time of the party; start and ending
Party location ? including street address and city
Contact phone number or email for directions
Name of the host(s)/ or parent(s) giving the party
Type of food being served snacks/light appetizers, dinner, drinks
General theme of the party
Appropriate attire. Come in costume or no costume
Request to bring something: a pumpkin for a carving party
RSVP - Provide a specific contact number or email for guests to RSVP. Also include a date to RSVP by.

Clear communication is key when sending invitations of any kind. Your invitation is giving your guests a peak of what is to come. It should reflect your theme and mood you are intending for your party. If there are activities such as a costume party or a pumpkin carving contest make sure to include that information so that your guests can be prepared. Also include if you are providing snacks, drinks, dinner, or even just dessert for your guests. Be clear if you are expecting your guests to bring something like a pumpkin or a pot luck dish. Finally, ask guests to RSVP by a specific date. Usually ask at least one week before your party. This will help you plan for each guest and your party will run much smoother.

By following these simple steps to creating your Halloween party invitation you are on your way to a Spooktacular Halloween Party. Trick or Treat.

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