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Halloween Crafts for Toddlers: Fun Without The Worry

Go ahead and include the toddlers in the Halloween crafting this year. There are many crafts that will allow your toddler to express themselves for Halloween. The trick to crafting with toddlers is to understand their limits and not expect more from them than they can comfortably do. Toddlers love to glue and put shapes together that create faces. They also have a great time coloring. Their self esteem is boosted when they see the craft they made being displayed or used.
With these three crafts we have covered all of those bases. Yes you can craft with a toddler and have fun doing it.

Candy Jar

What toddler would not be proud of these candy jars. Make sure to fill them with a candy your toddler can enjoy. If your toddler is not allowed candy try filling it with dried fruit or appropriate snacks.


Jar with a lid

Paper to make a band around the jar


Black marker

Washable markers or crayons for toddlers to use



Halloween candy to fill jar or appropriate snack


Make a band that will fit tightly around the jar like a label.

In black ink write a Halloween saying across the band in large letters. Examples: Happy Halloween or Trick or Treat

Allow the toddler to decorate the band with stickers and color it with washable markers or crayons. You may add some glitter if wanted.

Tape the band around the jar.

Fill with candy or appropriate snack.

Display as decoration or give as a gift.

Mr. Jack O-Lantern

This a great project to hang on the refrigerator.


1 orange craft foam sheet

2 black craft foam sheets





Cut out a pumpkin shape from the orange craft foam. (Use free templates on line if needed)

Cut out triangle shapes in different sizes from the black foam

Cut out mouth shapes in different expressions from the black foam

Now for the toddler:

Place the orange pumpkin cut out in front of the toddler.

Offer the them different shapes of triangles as eyes and noses.

Have the toddler place them on the pumpkin until they have found the ones they like.

Offer the different expressions of mouths to the toddler.

Have the toddler place different mouths on the pumpkin until they have completed their pumpkin face.

Help the toddler glue the shapes into place onto the pumpkin.

Place magnets on the back of the pumpkin.

Display low on the refrigerator for the toddler to enjoy.

Mini Pumpkin

With this craft the toddler can be part of the traditional Halloween pumpkin decorating minus the carving. This type of pumpkin decorating is even starting to catch on with the older children also. Add in some glitter, sparkles, fun hats and hair and you might save yourself the mess of carving into the pumpkins this year for Halloween.


Mini Pumpkin
Straight pins
Paper or felt cut out triangles, mouth shapes, etc.
Google eyes
Stickers of face parts
Doll hat or hair (from craft store)
Extra props you want to add to complete your pumpkin


Have the toddler pick out shapes for the nose and mouth and help them glue the shapes onto the pumpkin.

Glue on google eyes to complete the face.

Decide on a hat, hair or both for the top of the pumpkin. Attach these with straight pins or even staples.

Have the toddler name the pumpkin and set the completed pumpkin out on a table for the family to enjoy.

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Halloween Crafts Ideas For Tweens

Worried about your tweens being too cool to craft with you anymore? We have searched the web and came up with these 3 crafts that every tween will love to complete with you as a family project or at this year?s Halloween party. Tweens still enjoy crafting they are just beyond gluing and paper cutting and want to kick it up a notch. We think these fun kicked up crafts will do the trick.

Ghostly Pumpkin

This craft is all about the disguise. A white ghost is trying to disguise itself as a pumpkin. By using a white pumpkin/squash and painting an orange area for the face to be decorated it appears that the ghost is putting on a pumpkin mask for Halloween.


White pumpkins/squash
Orange and black acrylic paint


Find the part of the pumpkin for the face and paint it orange.
Once dry, paint (in black) a jack o lantern face onto the pumpkin - typical triangle eyes, nose and goofy smile with missing teeth.

The tweens that had fun with this project got creative and painted their pumpkins black, pink or neon colors. They then decorated the pumpkin with different faces. The black was a vampire, the pink was a princess and the neon was an alien. Of course each was pretending to be a pumpkin. This project is great fun and easy to do.

Watching You

Keep the neighborhood safe this Halloween and have your tweens create an army of eyeballs to watch out your window. Anybody starts to toilet paper your house and you are going to know it.

This craft was one of the tweens favorite to make and the most used craft after completed. The tweens were making sure these lights were on so they could creep out their friends in the neighborhood.


Permanent markers
Ping-pong balls
Battery-powered tea lights
Glue, strips or dots work best


Cut an X in each ping-pong ball large enough to fit over the base of the tea light.

Use the permanent markers to draw an eyeball on the ping-pong ball. Place the ping-pong ball over the tea light often while drawing to see the full effect of what you are drawing. You may need to add more red to make it blood shot or more green to make it piercing.

Finally add eyelashes by gluing on fringed paper.

Once the eyeball army is complete set them on a window ledge and let them watch over your home. Tweens have been known to take a few and place them in odd spots to scare their parents. You have been warned.

Moving Ghost

This craft never gets old and is always fun to amaze the first timers. Tweens love to be the first to show others something that amazed them when they were younger. So if your tweens have younger siblings or youngsters in the neighborhood this craft is a must.


Clear Tape
White Tissue Paper
Lightweight white craft wire
Lemon or similar fruit or round object
Black marker


Make a 14 inch square from the tissue paper and cut it into a circle.

Cut 2 12 inch pieces of craft wire and tape them criss-crossed in the center onto the tissue paper.

Place the tissue paper, wire side down, on top of the lemon and mold loosely over the lemon. Pinch a ghost's head on top and draw on facial features.

Now for the fun - Place the ghost on top of the lemon on a flat surface and give it a push. It will appear as the ghost is floating. As long as the lemon stays in motion the ghost will appear to move. Once it stops the ghost appears to be floating in mid air. Be sure to keep the lemon hid under the skirt of the ghost.

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