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How To Make A Sorceress Costume

The Sorceress is the sexy witch. She is a wild creature of raw power and inexplicable allure. They are often either the bad girl in the story or completely neutral as the magic they represent. No wonder they are so popular, both among men and women.

Dressing a Sorceress
Think sexy, long floating pieces of fabric connected with lace, and lots of exposed body parts. That?s the sorceress.

My suggestion is to start from a bikini. Then add some lace connecting the two bikini parts, cut a few long pieces of fabric and attach them to the from and back of the bikini, and a shawl. The key here is to reveal a lot of skin and cleavage.

Sorceresses can be as simple as just the dress, or they can wear more jewelry than a queen. A tiara is a common item, as well as staves, gloves, magical jewelry (particularly arm bracelets), and daggers.

Sorceresses represent the sexy part of wild magic, so make sure to use some body paint and complicated patterns. Take inspiration in Celtic patterns and use them all over your body, face, and even in the costume itself.

The sorceress can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. It makes for a great Halloween costume for the woman who is confident of her body and who wants to inject some sexy into this spooky night.

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Making a Princess Costume

If you aren?t a girl you can?t possible understand the fascination with princesses. If you are you don?t need explaining. So there is no point in trying to explain why girls want to dress as princesses for Halloween. Lets just look at how you can create this look.

Making the dress
A princess? dress is like a bride?s dress. You need to make it pop. It doesn?t need to be too complicated, it doesn?t need to be simple, but since Disney came into the scene it does need to be pink and with a wide skirt.

If you don?t have experience making clothes creating a princess dress may not be the best place to start and it is highly unlikely you have one laying around (though dresses from weddings or the vows sometimes look great), so you may want to buy this part of the costume.

Crown or Tiara
What is a princess without a tiara or a crown? Maybe a dutchess, but that?s not what every girl dreams about being, so don?t make your girl one.

To make a crown or a tiara you only need some card stock. Then you can decorate it using fake jewelry and it will look great. Alternatively you can buy one already made. Unless you already have fantasy jewelry you can use to create your own maybe that is less expensive.

A princess usually has other jewelry. Make sure it matches the tiara or crown you made for your girl (don?t put a silver bracelet with a gold tiara), but if she is going trick or treating you may not want to use real jewelry.

A popular accessory is the Disney Princess necklace which is just a black band with a diamond or other jewelry in the center. You can create your own using black fabric. Google Disney Princess and you will see what I?m talking about.

This Halloween turning your girl into a princess does not require a fairy godmother. It just requires a caring parent, some patient, and lots of creativity.

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Make a Flower Costume

Flower costumes are not very common but they look adorable in infants. If you have a little kid why not dress him or her as a flower for this Halloween? Here are a few ideas on how you can make that happen.

The flower itself is what makes the costume - a sort of crown around your face. It is really easy to make: all you need is card stock in the color you want your flower to be and an elastic band to place around your face.

Cut flower petals from the card stock and glue them to the band, then place the band around your head. It works best if you have many long petals (use several layers or they will look like a wilted flower), or large petals with a wide base (in which case one layer will suffice).

Now time for the green. Wear green clothes with a green hood. Those old whole body pijamas work great for this, you just have to paint them green. Remember to wear green shoes or create a shoe cover in that color.

Your arms can also be converted into leaves. If you are making this for an infant you can cut the leaves using card stock and just sow them to the back, on the shoulder blades. For someone with longer arms leaves won?t really be practical thou.

The flowers are simple and don?t need accessories. If you want you can paint some flowers or leaves on your face. Another idea is to carry around a watering can, or some shears. I?ve also seen some flower costumes where instead of an all-body plant, from the waist down it is a pot. They look really good in an adult.

Flowers are not very popular costumes, but there is no reason why. You can get completely different costumes by changing the petals and using accessories, and since this isn?t a popular costume you will almost certainly be the only flower in the party. Why not give it a try?

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Make a Ghost Costume

Ghosts are a Halloween classic. The classic ghost is a floating blanket, but over the last few years there has been an explosion in the ghost ethnicity field. Here are three different ghost costume ideas for this Halloween.

The Classic Ghost
The classic ghost costume is perhaps one of the easiest to make - all you need is a blanket or some other piece of large white fabric. Cut holes for the eyes and that?s it!

But I?m sure you want to add some personality. Tore apart the blanket in some places. Wear white gloves and shoes, and paint your face white. White colored eye lenses will do a wonderful job too.

The Scary Ghost
The scary ghost comes from the death and it still looks like a person. It is sort of a cross between a zombie and a classic ghost.

For this look you will also need a large white or light gray blanket, but instead of throwing it over your head wrap it around yourself and make a large hood to cover your head. Beneath this cape and hood combo wear old torn clothes, sprinkled with flour to simulate dust.

Now paint your face and exposed body parts a light gray or white and your eyes dark. If you want, add accessories that tell us something about who that person was in a past life: some old jewelry, lace, white hair, and an old picture work wonders.

The Comic Ghost
A final idea for a ghost costume is the comic ghost. This is the friendly, all pranks, all jokes ghost. You just take the costume of a scary ghost or traditional ghost and add some accessories: a top hat, a walking stick, a pumpkin, accessories from a clown... Your imagination is the limit here.

Although the classic is always a classic, don?t think you have to dress as the traditional ghost this Halloween. And if you do want to go with that look, remember to add some personality to it.

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Make a Fairy Costume

Fairies are for girls like ninjas are for boys. Which girl never dreamed about dressing as a fairy for Halloween (or better yet, being a fairy). This season you can make that dream com true.

Making the Wings

What is a fairy without its wings? The wings spark little girls? imagination all around the globe and the best way to go is to buy ready made wings, which are really easy to find. It is possible to make wings using card board, or fabric, and wires, but it is either dangerous or ugly, so buying this part of the costume is really worth the investment.

However, you need to select your wings. Generally you have two options: pixie wings (which look like locust wings) and high fairy wings (butterfly wings). To make your costume pop you need to make sure you keep the theme in your dress and accessories, so select carefully.

Making the Dress

We will consider two types of fairies: the pixie and the high fairy.

The pixie is the devilish little fairy, that enjoys nothing more than a good joke and games. Think Tinkerbell. They wear simple and short dresses, which you can make yourself by cutting a simple piece of fabric. The skirt should not have a straight line - either diagonal or torn. Try to make the dress the same color as the wings. And remember to go creative with the shoes: pompoms, leaves, stars...

The high fairy is the nobility of the fairies. The dress is a simple princess dress, using white or light fabric, a long wide skirt, gloves, and delicate shoes. Dress yourself or your girl as if going to a ball.

Accessories to Consider

For the pixie, little toys and trinkets are great. Consider a simple headband, some nature shaped jewelery, flowers, pieces from old gadgets from around the house. The pixie is also the perfect fairy to use antennae, usually used in insect and alien costumes, and strong and bold face and body paint.

The high fairy is royalty, so a crown or tiara goes a long way. They are also the fairies with complicated jewelry, a wand, complicated patterns on their face with light colors and lots of sparkly sprinkles.

If your girl (or you) want to go as a fairy this Halloween don?t let the costume prices scare you. For a fraction of the price you can create a custom fairy look and have fun in the process.

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Childrens Dog Costumes For Halloween

If you have several children how much fun would it be to dress one of them in a kids cat costume and the other in a kids dog costume? They already fight like dogs and cats so why not dress them in a similar theme for Halloween?

Kids Dog Costume

This is certainly one cute kids Halloween costume.

This limited edition Dalmatian costume is absolutely adorable. Your son already wants to be like his dad so why not dress the father in a hot firefighter costume and have your son dress as his trusted sidekick? Talk about creating lasting, lifelong memories!

This tail wagging kids dog costume comes complete with a white and black spotted jumpsuit that has a full front zipper that makes removal extremely easy. This unique outfit is designed to be on the large size which helps keep your little man warm while out trick or treating.

This super cute costume also includes a padded head, padded feet, and a precious little tail. Your child will certainly 'dig' this costume!

Precious Puppy Costume

This precious puppy outfit comes complete with an ultra-soft, zippered jumpsuit that is accented with plush fur-like patches that are designed to look almost like a homemade Halloween costume. The snap closures are located discretely on the inner leg which keeps them hidden from view but easily accessible when it is time to change their diapers.

A cute puppy dog tail, adorable puppy face hood, and skid resistant booties that look like paws round out this super fun kids costume.

This outfit is extremely well made and will be extremely comfortable and will keep your child nice and warm if you happen to live in a cooler geographic location. Pair these puppy clothes with any other animal costume and create your own zoo this year!

Blues Clue Costume

Many kids TV programs simply offer no educational value at all. Others, such as Sesame Street and Blues Clue are worth their weight in gold, in my opinion.

This year, why not dress your toddler like Blue and allow him or her to follow the clues in order to find their candy!

This officially licensed Blues Clue costume comes complete with an ultra-soft, plush baby blue bodysuit that features dark blue paw prints and attached paw covers. A fun character headpiece is also included in this incredibly cute outfit.

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Finding Women’s Pirate Costumes For Halloween

Women’s pirate costumes are, year after year, great choices for those wanting to make an entrance at their annual Halloween costume parties.  Fortunately, over the past few years, however, the female pirate costumes have evolved from the antiquated bar wench type costumes, to costumes that will have any swashbuckler just begging to give her the location of his buried treasure.  The following are but a few of those sexy pirate costumes.

Sexy Pirate Wench Adult Costume 

Dressed in this Sexy Pirate Wench Adult Costume, you will no doubt have many adventurers willing to assist you in your search for buried treasure.  This sexy ladies pirate costumes is as bold as it is daring.

Featuring a multi-layered ruffled dress, this stretch knit red costume rests provocatively off of the shoulders and includes long sleeves with a cut out at the elbows.  The sleeves include vinyl lacing that matches the black waist corset.  The corset is constructed with vinyl boning and is removable in the event you want to wear this sexy pirate dress without it.

Included with this amazing woman’s pirate costume is a black head scarf with printed on skull and cross-bone designs, as well as a plastic pirate sword and a drawstring bag with the words “Pirate Booty” written on it.  Available in adult sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large, this costume is made in sizes to fit most women.  The fishnet stockings and the thigh-high boots are sold separately.

South Seas Siren Adult Costume

There is no other way to describe this South Seas Siren Adult Costume than as a true treasure.  This woman pirate costume is a burgundy colored skirt with edges that resemble a handkerchief.  Over laying the waist of the skirt is cream colored lace, which matches the sheer lace found on the long sleeves of pirate outfit as well as the middle of the bust.
The pirate outfit is finished with a matching burgundy head tie and is available in adult sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.  This siren costume does not include any jewelry, the pirate sword, or the sexy, long high-heel boots.

Lace Pirate Adult Costume

Reminiscent of a Mardi Gras party, or even life on the high seas, this realistic pirate costume is a great choice for this year’s costume party.  However, any swashbuckler would be remiss to think you are a helpless damsel in distress when dressed in this Lace Pirate Adult Costume.

This sexy pirate costume has a knitted velvet red pirate jacket which fits neatly over a white, corset-styled top.  The top is constructed for extra support and includes underwire bra cups and boning.  It is also constructed with a zippered spandex back and has gold lace overlay to really crank up the quality a notch.

Finally, the sexy pirate outfit includes a black mini skirt (with a zipper closure), as well as a red pirate hat with coordinating lace trim.  It comes in standard women’s sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large.  However, the pirate ensemble does not include the gun, fishnet stockings, or the thigh-high boots.

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Flapper Costume Ideal For Halloween

Would You like to Dance the Night Away in a Sexy Flapper Girl Costume?

Flapper dress costumes are smoking hot! They are always among the most sought after gangster outfits quite simply because they are graceful and elegance yet bold and beautiful. A woman cannot help but to feel sexy in a cute black fringe flapper outfit.

These costumes are designed to mimic the fashions of the roaring twenties; specifically the incredible flapper girls that ruled the night. Shimmering, sequined, or fringed mini dresses that are sleeveless and have a drop waist appearance dominated the 20s costume scene. A flapper girl wanted to stand out in a crowd; she wanted to be noticed and, in this hot looks that certainly won’t be a problem.

Toe Tappin' Flappa Adult Costume

This amazing outfit has just recently been released and is sure to be a huge hit at any Halloween or 1920s costume party.

The white microfiber strapless dress features the classic drop waist look and is dripping with brilliant sequin trim. This unique flapper outfit also features removable should straps for those who do not like straps, a sparkling sequin neck piece, matching sequined feathered headband, and a movie inspired cigarette holder.

This alluring look is made from a stretchy spandex/nylon blend to add to your comfort and is available in adult sizes from small to extra-large! Any shoes will work nicely with this outfit but some women will elect to add a cute pair of silver high heels and long white stretch gloves that each to the elbow!

Gatsby Girl Adult Costume

When most people think about what a flapper girl would have looked like during the roaring twenties and early thirties, they would probably think about an outfit similar to this Gatsby girl costume.

This delightfully charming, yet completely alluring flapper girl costume will have the guys lined up three deep just to get a chance to dance with you! The classically inspired black sequined flapper dress simply drips with fringe and casts sparkles all across the room as you move and groove to the sounds of jazz and the blues.

A matching headband and ultra-cool black fingerless gloves complete this enticing look spectacularly. If, however, you want to take this costume to the extreme you could add a 72” feathered boa rather inexpensively. Additionally, the skirt is rather short and many women elect to wear a pair of cute ruffled tanga shorts underneath for added precaution.

Flapper Elite Collection Adult Costume

If you are a bit on the daring side and want a costume that shows off all the hard work you did in the gym over the summer then this incredibly sexy flapper dress costume will certainly accentuate your ‘assets’.

This roaring twenties costume includes a red and black mini dress, a string of classy faux pearls, and an understated, yet extremely beautiful, feathered headpiece. This look would look amazing when paired with your favorite men’s gangster outfit.
Flapper girls of the 1920s ultimately changed the face of America forever. No longer satisfied with staying at home and taking care of the house, these bold young women craved excitement and attention. Square, almost boyish looking, dresses replaced tight fitting clothes as the trend away from conformity continued to spread to every speakeasy across the United States.

The raw sex appeal and coolness factor of this storied period of our history will also ensure that the flapper girl costume will always remain one of the most popular costume choices each and every year!

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Kick Ass Costumes Perfect Choice For Halloween 2012

This year one of the top choices of Halloween costumes will be Kick Ass, thanks to the phenomenal success of this controversial movie. Superheroes are always among one of the top kind of characters used for any Halloween party, but if you want to dress up as a superhero with a difference then why not choose a Kick Ass style costume and become a superhero that doesn’t actually have any super powers?!

That’s right: the superheroes in Kick Ass are just regular people like you and me! They don’t have any notable “super powers” but they do have some awesome weapons and fighting moves to get rid of evil gangsters! Shockingly, even kids get to play with guns in this movie!

Kick Ass Halloween Costumes

There are quite a few officially licensed Kick Ass Halloween costumes available to buy if you want the easiest and most impressive option. These costumes are only available for adults. After all, it was a very adult movie that shouldn’t really be replicated by young people!

Be Kick Ass Himself

The choice for guys is to dress as the hero the movie is named after: Kick Ass. Kick Ass designed his own suit, choosing a green color with bright yellow lines through it. It also includes the important mask so as not to reveal his true identity! The costume comes with the standard jumpsuit, or you can get the Deluxe version for high quality gloves and a more realistic suit.

Hit Girl

Hit Girl was, arguably, the real star of the movie. Just a child but capable of so many awesome moves! She was able to take out a whole room of men twice her size! This is the option for women who want a costume based on the movie. The standard version includes the plaid skirt, jacket, cape, wig, eye mask and Hit Girl Belt. The Deluxe Version also includes foam lined gloves to make the costume more authentic.

Kick Ass Costume Ideas

The great thing about Kick Ass Halloween costume ideas is that they’re virtually unlimited. Why? Because the whole premise of Kick Ass is that ordinary people get to become their own unique superhero. Why don’t you come up with your own unique superhero name and costume? You could base a whole party around this theme, and get everyone you invite to invent their own superhero characters!

And don’t forget to get a LOT of fake weapons to truly replicate the Kick Ass look this Halloween!

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Harry Potter Halloween Costumes for Muggles

There is a great choice of Harry Potter costumes available. A defining series of books for our generation, Harry Potter

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe

has found a loving and dedicated audience through numerous books, movies and games, and has always been a staple of the cosplay circuit and Halloween costumes. While the last installment was back in 2009, the promise of two movies for the final installment prove that Harry Potter is still popular, and no doubt will be next year and beyond. It’s good, then, that there are so many Harry Potter costumes on offer both official and unofficial.

Harry Potter Costume Ideas

There are countless different Harry Potter Costume Ideas available from the varied and imaginative universe J.K.Rowling created, however all us Muggles tend to long to be wizard students at heart, and so the most popular are the school uniforms, specifically the Gryffindor robe. For example, the Harry Potter Deluxe Adult Robe replicates the film with long black length, red lining and the Gryffindor seal on the chest. The same is present in the children’s options, allowing a whole family to be part of the famous Hogwarts House.

If, however, you want to avoid the cliché, one way to show Hogwarts pride while also showing originality is to come dressed up as a Quidditch player. Once again the Gryffindor team is the most popular, with the distinctive long red robes with inclusive hood and front lacing, Gryffindor crest and golden racing stripes. Complete with Quidditch child’s helmet and goggles and a broom, you’re set to catch that Snitch!

For more villainous character such as the death eaters for the Dementors or even You Know Who himself (Voldemort), you should stick to dark robes. The Officially licensed Death Eater costume comes complete with tatty black robes and frightening skeletal ribs and mask for both adults and children. A black robe plus a terrifying mask, or the complete officially licensed costumes for adults and children will complete the snake-faced Voldemort, and the elaborately masked followers of Voldemort – the Death Eaters- and brilliantly shown through such costumes as the Female Death Eater Bellatrix Child Costume. You can truly bring the scary spirit of Halloween alive with these evil costumes!

Harry Potter Costume Accessories

The list of Harry Potter Accessories is almost endless, but here are a few that you might want to get your hands on this Halloween:

-Quidditch: For Quidditch fans there is the child’s Quidditch helmet, goggles, Harry Potter Quidditch Kit (which includes shin and forearm protectors), Harry Potter Broom, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Golden Snitch.
- Hogwarts Students: For those dressed to attend Hogwarts there are numerous magic wands available, Harry Potter Glasses, a Gryffindor tie, Gryffindor scarf, pointy wizard’s hat, lantern, and even Hermionie Granger’s wig!

Getting creative

Of course, it’s easy to also make your own costumes for Harry Potter this Halloween. A black robe and a patch of your chosen house make the school robes, and a scarf with the school colors can be made by anyone with some basic knowhow of knitting. If you choose to be other characters, such as Hagrid or the teachers, different colored robes, and accessories such as fake beards can truly give them a unique and authentic look. Experiment and see what you come up with – that’s half the fun!

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