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Halloween Gift Basket Ideas

This is How To Make A Halloween Gift Basket

Try this great Halloween idea for that special someone dressed in their funny Halloween costume this Halloween, give them a Halloween gift basket. You don’t have to be creative or even artistic to do this. All it takes is some knowledge about the person, or persons, you want to surprise in this way. The basket will contain items particular to their tastes, and they will love you for it.

A great idea is to create a special basket for a couple you may be close to. This one is especially nice if the couple either has no plans for Halloween, or they don’t have enough money to do anything special. You can provide them a very unique Halloween gift basket that will give them a lovely way to spend the evening. For this one, you will need a rather large basket. Start with the dinner. Choose food that you know they like. This can be either 2 nice steaks, bag of salad, and fixings for baked potatoes. Or it can be a gift certificate for pizza delivery. Use your own judgment. Add a six pack of soda, some Halloween cupcakes or cookies for dessert, a couple of scary movies that you know they want to see, and maybe some microwave popcorn to enjoy with the movie. This will be a much appreciated gift.

Another great fun Halloween gift basket idea is one for friend of yours who enjoys reading. Gather several scary paperback books, along with a small cozy stadium blanket, a beverage of choice, glass or cup, and, of course, Halloween munchies. These can include candy, along with some salted snack mix. This will provide a quiet and relaxing Halloween night. It might also provide a few delicious chills up the back.

Of course children also really enjoy gifts at Halloween even if they do get all that candy by trick or treating. It is for that reason that you may want to limit the candy in this particular Halloween gift basket. You will need to shop for age appropriate toys to include. These should also be run by the parents of the child before purchasing them to make sure your ideas are going to be alright with them.

And you don’t want to forget the older people in your life, such as parents and grandparents. They will enjoy receiving a gift basket, too. The items selected for these baskets will depend on any dietary or other restrictions. Again, shop with what you know about the person firmly planted in your mind. If you don’t have parents or grandparents of your own, try contacting a local home for the aged. A lot of the people there are also without family to treat them on special days. They would love to receive a Halloween gift basket.

The best thing to remember is that you are going to be putting smiles on faces with your thoughtfulness. You really do not need to spend a lot of money on your Halloween gift basket just be funny and creative - and remember your party costume!

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Grease Themed Halloween Costumes For The Entire Family

Any Grease fans out there? This summer my husband and I have been reintroduced to the movie Grease. We have a 14 year old daughter and 13 year old son who have fallen in love with the movie just as we had done when we were younger. As we were singing along to the soundtrack in the car the other day my daughter came up with a great idea. Let?s all be characters from Grease this year for Halloween. We all had to agree we were having so much fun with the music and characters why not?
I began watching the movie for costumes and although they are basically 50?s style clothes there are some pieces that just pull the actual characters together and make it so much more fun to dress up. We agreed on our characters and all got to work on our costumes. I would be Sandy, my husband would be Danny, our daughter would be Frenchy her best friend would be Rizzo and our son would be Kenickie.

I got online and immediately found some great prices on Halloween costumes. Plus the pictures of the costumes gave me some great ideas. We ended up buying a lot of our accessories on line and a majority of the clothing too. Below is my check list for each character. We have had so much fun pulling all this together I hope it inspires you to become a member of the Pink Ladies or one of the T-Birds.


Items bought on line:

? Black Jacket with the T-Bird Logo
? Black and White high top tennis shoes
? T-Bird belt

Items used from our closet:

? White T-shirt
? Skinny Jeans with the cuffs rolled up

Sandy (bad Sandy)

Items bought on line:

? Purchased a costume that included an off the shoulder shirt with a belt and black leggings

Also purchased on line to add to the costume:

? Blond Curly Wig and a wig cap to keep hair tucked in
? Black silk tie for around neck
? Red high heels
? Bright Red lipstick
? Candy cigarettes


Items purchased on line:

? Costume that included a pink knee length dress with a belt, and a pink, Pink Ladies Jacket.

Also purchased on line to complete the costume:

? Pink wig, and a wig cap to keep hair tucked in
? Pink high heeled shoes
? Bright pink lipstick
? Bright pink nail polish


Items bought on line:

? Purchased a costume that included a black dress with belt, a pink, Pink Ladies jacket

Also purchased on line to add to costume:

? Cat eye sunglasses
? Neck Scarf
? Black Heels
? Short, Black Wig and wig cap to keep hair tucked in

At first I was a little skeptical about shopping on line. But as my schedule became fuller and time was slipping away I began to search on line and found that I could get great deals. The fear for me went away when I ordered the Rizzo dress and realized that it was way too small. I returned it, no questions asked, and had the correct size in days.

Our kids were so proud that we went the extra mile and got genuine grease outfits that they have told their friends all about it. I am hearing talk in our neighborhood of other movie inspired family costumes. It?s going to be an awesome Halloween. Trick or Treat.

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Get Big and Sexy With These Plus Size Women Halloween Costumes

Plus size Halloween costumes have expanded over the past couple of years. If you are a plus size woman who hates Halloween because you can no longer fit into store bought Halloween costumes than we are talking directly to you. Take back Halloween in a big way! We have searched everywhere from the haunted house to the graveyard and found plus size Halloween costumes that not only bring the excitement of finding your perfect costume back, but actually fit plus size real women. Yes that does include you!

The trick to finding your perfect plus size Halloween costume is to start shopping now. It may take a few tries to find that perfect brand that fits you but it is out there. Some of you may have the luxury of shopping in stores that carry plus size costumes to try on; but to those of you who do not have that luxury, or need sizing not offered in stores, do not be afraid to shop on line. Most online stores offer a generous return policy. Also when in doubt order the next size up. It is much easier to make a costume fit that is too large than too small.

So go ahead and take back Halloween one costume at a time. The dread of costume shopping will fade away once you realize that there are funny, beautiful and sexy Halloween costumes just for you, the plus size women. Don?t hide your beautiful curves, accentuate them and wait for the compliments.

Through our extensive research, we have found there to be two types of plus size women. Those who want to be covered and those who want to accentuate their curves. Therefore we have compiled a list of the hottest selling plus size Halloween costumes for both personalities. Whichever category you are under we are sure you will find a best seller that works for you.

Cover Me Up Please.

This category contains Halloween costumes for the plus size woman who wants to party but keep her curves hidden to herself. This is accomplished with long flowing dresses or skirts, pants, fun sleeves, hats, headpieces masks, makeup and other accessories. We say go ahead and stay covered with these best selling plus size Halloween costumes.

? Cleopatra Countess
? Witch (good/bad)
? Princess
? Vampiress
? Buccaneer
? Bride (traditional or scary)
? Starlet
? 60?s Hippie girl
? Fairy (good/bad)
? American Indian
? Angel (good/bad)
? Devil

Accentuate My Curves

This category contains Halloween costume ideas for the plus size woman who wants to get in there and be noticed. She knows where her best curves are and she is not afraid to show them off. This category is accomplished with shorter dresses or skirts, tighter pants, off the shoulder sleeves or no sleeves at all. However, hats, headpieces, masks, makeup and other accessories are still included in this category. We say show off those curves in these perfect best selling costume ideas!

? School Girl
? Maid
? Adult Bunny
? Cheer Leader
? Candy Striper
? Nurse
? Sexy Pirate
? Sexy Sailor
? Airline Stewardess
? Belly Dancer
? Bat Girl/Cat Woman
? 40?s Flapper

Take an idea from these best selling plus size Halloween costumes and buy yours today. Get out there and take Halloween back. Enjoy trick or treating again or throw that perfect party. Most off all have some fun and enjoy Halloween again.

Note: All costumes from the Cover Me Up Please category can be adapted into the Accentuate My Curves category by following the directions listed above.

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