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Best Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Ideas

If you want to stand out from the rest of the skeletons this Halloween, why not take inspiration from this year's most shocking diva – Lady Gaga. Her outrageous outfits make fun and fabulous Lady Gaga Halloween costumes which will never be forgotten. So to help you stand out like Gaga this Halloween we’ve listed three of her most memorable outfits for you to choose from.

The Lady Gaga Meat Dress

 Arguably Lady Gaga's most famous outfit, the meat dress is a guaranteed to be a hit at the Halloween costume parties of 2011. Unfortunately, using real meat to re-create the outfit may be difficult to do (if not a little unhygienic). Therefore it may be better to create your own fake meat by pinning various strips of meat colored fabric (pink, red and brown would probably work best) to a basic undergarment. Gaga's dress was wrapped around her, and little longer at the sides than the front and back. She accessorised the outfit with a meat hat and meat covered shoes.

The Lady Gaga Egg Costume

Gaga caused controversy yet again when she arrived at this year's Grammys incubated inside a giant egg. This outfit would probably the most difficult to recreate but if you're up for the challenge then it's worth a shot!

You could possibly buy a readymade egg outfit online, but most of these are in the form of a fried or 'deviled' egg. Therefore for a more authentic Gaga look you would be better creating the outfit yourself.

 One way to do this is to attach fabric to a hula hoop in order to create the round shape of the egg. You can then team this with a shocking blonde wig and over the top makeup to recreate the authentic Gaga look.

Lady Gaga Nun Costume

Lady Gaga liked the nun outfit so much she recreated it twice in her own unique and outrageous way.  Both outfits are quite controversial so only wear if you dare!

For the first outfit Gaga daringly teamed a white habit with a see through rubber dress. She had a cross of white tape covering each of her nipples and the monster claw (made famous by the Monster Ball tour) on her left hand.

However if you want an outfit that is a bit more conservative then you could try the second version of the costume. This costume is also a lot easier to create as Gaga simply wore a black habit with a white circular.

If you'd like to see some of Lady Gaga's Halloween outfits  in more detail then there are plenty of pictures of  Lady Gaga's costumes online.


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